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I'm delighted to share with you my passion for Dynamical Neurofeedback® or NeurOptimal® 

    One spring evening, during a casual conversation over drinks, a friend told me about a brain training approach with the enigmatic name “Neurofeedback.’’ She explained with surprise how her companion, who has been practicing this training for some time, was changing and, amused, she added: “He notices things, he is more organized and he achieves astonishing performances in chess!". This anecdote, initially simply amusing, persisted in my mind as the days went by, until I decided to make an appointment and see for mysef.

    When I put the headphones on for the first time, I knew something special was happening. The music flowed smoothly and was uplifting, punctuated by brief, unpredictable cuts. It was like someone was listening to me, understanding me deeply, far beyond what words could express. This moment marked the beginning of a transformation that I could not have anticipated. After each session, over the weeks, I felt that my entire body was reorganizing itself, harmonizing my thoughts and emotions. I realized that each workout was unique, bringing its share of discoveries. My emotions gradually calmed, letting me enter a state of clarity, non-judgment, and sustained attention that I had never experienced before. Even moments of anger or sadness were transformed into opportunities for introspective observation. Those unpleasant emotions still cropped up, yes, but their intensity faded much more quickly. I began to hear more clearly what was happening in my consciousness, learning to distract myself less and focus more.

    The circumstances of our lives have a considerable impact on our well-being, that's undeniable, but it's really our mind that plays a central role. What can we do to support it in the complexity of our lives? This is where Dynamical Neurofeedback® takes its place in our daily lives. 

    As an Advanced Trainer, I have had the privilege of seeing people with the most diverse profiles transform over the course of the sessions. Hypersensitive children, athletes looking to improve performance, people fighting depression, creative people looking for inspiration... The range of people who can benefit from NeurOptimal® is vast. 

    This approach does not replace a therapeutic approach and is not a medical treatment. It does not establish any diagnosis and no medical treatment should be interrupted.

    However, studies on Dynamical Neurofeedback® have demonstrated its positive impact on attention, emotion management, cognitive problems, eating disorders, addictions and even pain management. These transformations are correlated with functional and structural changes in the brain which corroborate the observed benefits. This extraordinary organ has the capacity to organize itself, evolve and learn (neuroplasticity!). NeurOptimal® is a method based on the powerful principle that the brain has the capacity to self-regulate and reorganize itself to achieve better cognitive balance. 

    Among the latest studies, one of the most recent, in August 2023( )demonstrates how neurofeedback has the potential to help individuals learn to self-regulate their brain activity and highlights the cognitive processes involved in this learning. The results suggest that learners exhibit stronger brain connections corresponding to brain areas related to cognitive control and goal-directed behavior. This positive result indicates that neurofeedback may have beneficial effects and contribute to a deeper understanding of how individuals improve their brain function and self-regulate mentally. 

    When it comes to people with cancer, research is also very promising, particularly regarding cognitive impairment and fatigue (source: The Raphaël Institute in Paris has integrated Dynamical Neurofeedback® into its patients support system.

    As we navigate life’s complex interplay of experiences, emotions, and actions, our minds act as the intricate weaver behind this tapestry. Dynamical Neurofeedback® stands out as a precious key toward mental enrichment and cognitive empowerment. Through my personal journey and observation of its effects on various individuals, it’s evident that this approach isn’t merely a tool — it represents a pathway that unearths latent potential within us, revealing new avenues for growth and self-discovery. 

    I encourage you to explore this fascinating path for your own transformation.

    Here are some interesting sources for those who want to go further: